Lindy S. Grigel, MPH, PA-C, CCH

Fal River Health Center

29 Marginal Way, Portland, ME 04101     207.781.7880


Lindy S. Grigel MHP, PA-C, CCH has practiced Integrative Medicine and Homeopathy at Fal River Health Center since 2004. She holds a Masters in Health Profession; Physician Assistant degree, BS in Occupational Therapy and Diploma in Advanced Clinical Homeopathy.

Lindy studied homeopathy with Louis Klein FS Hom, Jan Scholten MD, Massimo Mangialavori MD, and Paul Herscu ND. She practices classical homeopathy with a specialty in Pediatrics. Lindy has practiced the art and science of medicine since 1979 and has a deep understanding of Homeopathy and traditional western medicine. Clinical experience includes Pediatric Development, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Orthopedics Sports Medicine (including work with the US Olympic Committee).

Lindy embodies the concepts of her medical education and experience to offer patients of all ages, from every walk of life, treatment plans that attain optimal physical and emotional well-being.

 Lindy is a well-respected presenter to regional, national, and international audiences. She shares her expertise and visionary ideas at schools, colleges, and hospitals. Participants learn practical strategies to live well and learn well.