Spero Latchis, CCH

Spero Latchis, CCH

86 Pleasant St, Portland, ME  04101    207.299.2738     speroindia@gmail.com

The three most important qualities of a homeopath are education, compassion, and experience.

Education: Spero Latchis has studied closely and extensively with some of the most highly respected homeopaths in the world. Because of his advanced training he has often lectured at homeopathic colleges and seminars both at home and abroad.

Compassion: Spero spent the last nine years operating a free clinic in rural India. In that setting he worked long hours without pay, treating thousands of Tibetan monks, and refugees, as well as Indian villagers.

Experience: Experience is very difficult to obtain for most American homeopaths Working in Asia has allowed Spero to see over 8,000 cases. Many of these cases involved severe pathology and through this work, Spero has developed a great deal of confidence in the power of homeopathy to cure disease. He began practice in 1997.

His success rate: While there are no guarantees in any form of medical treatment those patients who have a curable disease and who follow the guidance of a homeopathic practitioner for at least six months have an extremely good chance of improvement. In one instance Spero treated 50 Tibetan nuns in a controlled setting. All of the nuns used only homeopathy and followed carefully the instructions given to them. After six months ninety percent of the patients reported at least a 30% level of improvement in their symptoms.

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