Laura Plourde, DMH, DHHP

Heilkunst and Homeopathy Center of Maine

138 Main St, Cumberland, ME 04021     207.671.2732


Laura Plourde DMH, DHHP, earned her physicians diploma in Heilkunst and Homeopathy from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa, Canada under the direction of Rudolf Verspoor DMH, DHHP.

Heilkunst is the complete medical system discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann more than 200 years ago and was rebirthed through the translations of Stephen Decker and the practical experience of Rudolf Verspoor and the late Patty Smith-Verspoor DMH, DHHP. It is influenced by the genius of such scholars as Wilhelm Reich and Rudolf Steiner.

Laura is trained in sequential homeopathy and specializes in curing both acute and chronic conditions. She has a special interest in working with families of children on the Autism spectrum and has years of experience coaching parents on the teachings of Sally Fallon and Dr. Weston Price.

She is a member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association. Her practice consists of patients of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. Consultations can be done in person or remotely.