Edee Howland, CHom

Healing Resources of Maine, LLC

PO Box 944, Little Deer Isle, ME 04650  and in Blue Hill, ME    207.266.3176       islandedee@gmail.com 


Edee Howland practices in Little Deer Isle and Blue Hill. She has been a practitioner in classical homeopathy since 1996. She graduated from Stanford University and The Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, and has completed extensive post-graduate courses from the world’s best teachers of homeopathy, including Rajan Sankaran, Divya Chhabra, Jayesh Shah, Nandita Shah, Jeremy Sherr, Misha Norland, Louis Klein, Sadhna Thakkar, Anne Schadde, and Massimo Mangialavori.

She is a member of the Maine Association of Homeopaths and the North American Society of Homeopaths.

She is a founding board member of the Community Health Alliance in Blue Hill, a nonprofit organization which promotes access to holistic health care.

Edee has a strong interest in working with animals and is a recognized specialist in interspecies communication. Since 1994 she has led annual tours to swim with and interact with dolphins in the wild. She applies her knowledge of homeopathy to treat animals as well as people. The basic homeopathic principles are equally effective..